Our school chaplain is Pastor Denton McKogg. The School Chaplain is a faith presence in the school community who is available to students, parents and staff members alike. The Chaplain works closely with school management, directors, class tutors, and classroom teachers to promote a harmonious school environment for the well-being of all its members while promoting Seventh Day Adventist Education.

The role of the School Chaplain is wide and varied, and can involve teaching religious education, meeting students on an individual basis, organizing spiritual initiatives and prayers, and participating in activities which relate to the well-being and development of the school community. This role enables the development of relationships of trust with students, staff and parents. The Chaplain responds to the spiritual and religious needs of the students and the whole school community, while respecting the religious and personal convictions of all. The School Chaplain contributes to formal school occasions, such as assemblies and special programs. Our chaplain is also our Bible teacher.

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