Guidance Counsellor

Hi, my name is Aneal Bharath and I am the school counselor.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITES My role as Guidance Counselor at Cayman Academy is to help any student in need of academic, social and emotional assistance. I am a student advocate. I am not a disciplinarian. As Guidance Counselor, I am involved in activities and services that will enhance the quality of our students’ school experience. With that in mind, the following is a list of things I have done to fill that role:

  • Meet with classroom teacher to discuss difficulty of student(s)
  • Provide teacher with a problem checklist to be completed
  • Review strategies and interventions in the classroom
  • Review current and past report card as well as standardized test scores of student in question
  • Set up meeting with parents and other stakeholders
  • Actively involve parents or legal guardian in the development and implementation of further interventions
  • Monitor and review progress of any student referred to me
  • Determine the success of the strategies and intervention
  • File all necessary paperwork on students referred

I also schedule and facilitate meetings with teachers and parents to set up, review and evaluate IEPs and establish a plan for students if needed Distribute these plans to teachers making them aware of students needs while checking the progress and monitoring all students with plans and send progress reports home to parents. I also wok closely with administration in mediation issues.

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