Graduation Ceremony 2018

Cayman Academy graduated its largest ever Year 12 class Sunday, June 24, awarding diplomas to 23 students. The ceremony was held at The Ritz-Carlton.

Also for the first time, the graduating class was joined by the school’s first Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations graduate, Devonnie McEwan, since the two-year program was introduced at the school in 2016.

Ten of 14 honor students from the class of 2017 celebrated achieving seven or more subjects at grades 1-3. The graduate with the highest number of subject passes was Nickayla Graham, who earned 11 CSEC subjects, passing with nine distinctions (grade 1) and two subjects at grade 2.

Distinguished guests included Minister for Education Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Attorney General Samuel Bulgin, MLA Kenneth Bryan, and Chief Education Officer Lyneth Monteith. Mr. Bulgin talked about the power of turning the other cheek. “No one can put you down or hold you back but yourself,” he said. “You are what you make of yourself …. As you sow so shall you reap.” He also told the students to “cherish your individuality; embrace your uniqueness.” The Home School Association presented a check for $12,436.45 toward the completion of the track surrounding the school’s football field. The donation, earned at a concert hosted by the school, was presented at the graduation ceremony by HSA social coordinator Camile Beckford-Johnson, who said that the school could anticipate more such support from the school’s Home School Association.

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