Enrollment Policy

Cayman Academy is a Seventh Day Adventist school operated by the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh Day Adventists within the governance of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh Day Adventists. We are committed to providing secondary education in the Cayman Islands within a distinctly Seventh Day Adventist context. This Enrolment Policy reflects their commitment and also is consistent with the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education Enrolment Policy. It is intended to ensure a fair and transparent approach to enrolment at the school. Enrolment decisions are made by the Principal in line with this policy

Below is a list of the requirements needed to register your child as a student of Cayman Academy

Initial Contact

ALL prospective parents to Cayman Academy MUST collect a complete enrolment package from the School Administrative Assistant or the School’s Registrar. This initial contact will be an informal interview to provide guidance and clarification about the contents of the enrolment package and the possibility of enrolment.

Cayman Academy reserves the right to ask questions concerning the prospective students within the context of its own discipline and academic policies according to the Education Act of the Cayman Islands and the admission policy of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists, its governing body.

Enrolment Application Form

ALL prospective parents to Cayman Academy must complete the enrolment form provided in the enrolment package. ALL SECTIONS of the application form MUST be filled in properly, particularly the following sections:

  1. Student demographics: (name, current age as YY/MM, birth date, religion/religious affiliation, previous grade, nationality, email, telephone (where applicable)
  2. Student medical, academic, behavioral, psychological and emotional issues
  3. Parental demographics: (name, current age as YY/MM, birth date, religion/religious affiliation, previous grade, nationality, email, telephone (where applicable)
  4. Parental financial/immigration status: (name and type of job; permit holder/Caymanian/Caymanian status/PR; salary scale; email (work and personal); telephone (work, home, mobile)
  5. Emergency Contact: (name, relationship to parent and student, email (work and personal); telephone (work, home, mobile)  ALL prospective students to Cayman Academy will complete an entrance examination. A non-refundable fee of $25.00 MUST be paid via DEBIT CARD/CREDIT CARD/BANK VOUCHER to sit this examination.Parents will be given a deadline when to receive the results of the examination which will indicate the intended grade for the student. This is simply a PASS or FAIL test; the pass mark being 60% and over. PRIMARY STUDENTS: Cayman Academy lacks the facilities and resources to provide learning opportunities to students whose main language is NOT English at this present time. All classes and books are presented in Academic English and as such, PRIOR TO APPLYING TO CAYMAN ACADEMY, ALL ESL/ELL CANDIDATES must be competent in reading and writing academic English accordingly. Students must be able to read prescribed subject textbooks, complete assignments and class tasks independently. OTHER DOCUMENTS THAT MUST ACCOMPANY THE ENROLMENT FORM:
  6. ESL/ELL prospective students:
  7. High School students who enter Year 11 without the necessary foundation for any of the OPTION CHOICES are REQUIRED to be enrolled in the Afterschool Program for at least ONE term in order to build their foundation in the option areas.
  8. Prospective high school students who fail the entrance examination at 55%-59% will be allowed to enter the intended grade, however, it is a REQUIREMENT that they are enrolled in the Afterschool tutoring program, at an additional cost to the parent, for at least ONE term to build their foundation.
  10. Prospective primary students who fail the entrance examination at 54% and below, are required to REPEAT. They will enter ONE grade below their intended grade level.
  11. Prospective primary students who fail the entrance examination at 55%-59% will be allowed to enter the intended grade; however, it is a REQUIREMENT they are enrolled in the After School tutoring program, at an additional cost to the parent, for at least ONE term to build their foundation.

Entrance Examination

PARENTS WHO ARE PERMIT HOLDERS who will need a letter from Cayman Academy stating that the child/student is enrolled at the School so as to obtain Immigration Clearance, are required to pay a MONTH’S TUITION to be REGISTERED AND ENROLLED at Cayman Academy at the point of application.

A non-refundable fee MUST be paid via DEBIT CARD/CREDIT CARD/BANK VOUCHER to accompany the enrolment application form.

PROOF OF RESIDENCE (Domicile) One current piece of evidence from the following sources in the name of the parent/guardian registering the child:

  • Current water or electric bill in the name of the parent registering the child.
  • CI standard Lease agreement with name, address (House #, Block, Parcel #), of the property, witness and signed by parent and the landlord/owner.
  • Completion of a “Notarized Parent Residency Affidavit” form when the above documents are not available.

PROOF OF RESIDENCE –Non Caymanians (Legal)

Non – Caymanian Students must provide proof of immigration clearance to reside and attend Cayman Academy. A completed and stamped (Form RS101 immigration form) must be attached for each child.


  • Official birth certificate. If such certificate is not available, the following forms of evidence are acceptable:
  • A passport or certificate of arrival in the Cayman Islands showing the age of the child and his or her residential status
  • A duly attested transcript of a certificate of a religious document showing date of birth accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by the parent.
  • An affidavit sworn to by the parent, accompanied by a certificate from the chief medical officer that he/she believes the child to be of required school age


  • Parents must provide a written notification of any health/medical (including medication) problem that requires staff awareness and/or supervision for their child.
  • Students, grades 1-11and entering Cayman Academy for the first time, must present evidence of a medical examination performed within twelve months prior to their initial enrollment.


  • Certificate of Immunization
  • Permanent medical exemption, if immunization is contraindicated for one or all)
  • Religious exemption, ______A) a temporary exemption _________B) Medical exemption


If the student is residing with someone other than the parent or legal guardian, the following provisions shall apply:

  • If parent/guardian lives within the CI the individual registering the child must provide proof or documentation of custody/guardianship by an appropriate agency such as the Department of Children and Family Services or the Court. In cases of hardship, to be determined by the school, a signed, notarized letter appointing custody will be sufficient.
  • If the parent/guardian lives outside the CI.), a notarized statement from the parent/guardian, identifying the person assuming custody/guardianship responsibility for the child must be presented.
  • If a parent/guardian lives within the CI and the student lives in a residence licensed by the Department of Children and Families Services, the student may be enrolled in the school that serves that licensed residence.


Enrolment emergency information

(NOTE: Only parents/guardians signing enrolment application form can change emergency contact information. Parents must compose a letter declaring the name, relationship and telephone number of ANY emergency contact whose details are NOT present on the enrolment application form).


  • Latest report card and/or transcript (secondary schools) needed for appropriate grade placement.
  • Current cognitive test results (CAT5, TERRA NOVA, PiM, PiE) in addition to the entrance examination for appropriate grade placement
  • Current professional psychological evaluation results/medical results on student
  • Completed Cayman Academy’s behavioral, academic, emotional/psychological Incoming Transfer Form

Please note: Cayman Academy adheres to maintaining student to square foot ratio which means classes will only accommodate the number of students per class square feet. Cayman Academy will also accommodate students equipped with the necessary executive functional skills according to our available human and material resources.

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