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Tuition And Fees


Application Fee

When you submit your application you will be required to pay a non-refundable administrative fee of CI $50.00 for application and testing. If your application is approved, you will be required to pay a registration fee of CI $ 25.00.

Tuition Fee

The annual tuition has been broken into three payments to facilitate planning. Fees are to be paid on the first working day of each term. For other payment arrangements, parents are required to sign a contract agreeing to the terms outlined. There is a $50.00 late payment fee.

Failure to pay by the first Monday of the upcoming month will result in the child being asked to remain at home until the fees are paid. Students will not be allowed to sit their termly final exams if tuition fees are not paid in full. No student will be eligible to graduate owing fees to the school. Reference letters, Diplomas, transcripts, Report Cards, Awards and CXC results will be withheld until all tuition and fees are paid in full.

Year 12 students are required to pay a full year’s school fee. They remain students of the academy until the last day of the school year and are entitled to all the privileges of a student.

For exact tuition figures and discounts offered, please contact our Business Office. Cash, debit and credit cards are accepted.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Business Office as soon as possible if difficulties should arise within a given term.

Tuition Refund

Students who withdraw from school up to two weeks after the opening of school will receive a fifty percent (50%) refund on tuition. After two weeks, no tuition will be refunded.

Book Fees

Please contact the Office for details on books and book fees.

NB: High school students can purchase books from the school. A book list will be provided by the school.

Annual General Fee

Students will be charged an annual general fee which will cover the use of the Computer and Science Labs, HSA fee, P.E. fee, School management System online access, and photo copy/printing. Please note the fees per Year group:

PreK – Year 3: $125

Years 4 – 6: $155

Years 7 – 12: $265

Music Fee

Students interested in taking music as an extra-curricular activity will pay a monthly fee of $100.00 per 8 sessions (two sessions per week). The fee for a term is $300.00. 

Graduation Fee

All students graduating from Kindergarten, Year 6 or Year 12 are required to pay a nonrefundable graduation fee by the end of the second term in order to help defray the expenses incurred in preparing for graduation. The homeroom teacher for each group will notify parents of the amount at the appropriate time.

External Examination fees

The external examination fees consist of the following:

  1. Centre fee
  2. Registration Fee
  3. Subject fee
  4. Late fee
  5. Any amendments fee
  6. Transfer fee